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Get Onboard Booking Form

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Health Declarations

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge I am not suffering from epilepsy, giddy spells, asthma, angina or any other heart condition, and I am physically fit to participate in the course (by signing below, you will be in acknowledgement of this declaration.

Swimming Ability

This does not necessarily preclude you from this course. Non swimmer should always wear life jackets.

Payment Details

Payment for all courses and medical certificates needs to be done prior commencement of course start date. 50% deposit is required in order to secure a place on the course. Full payment is required 14 days prior to the course commencing. Get Onboard accepts either cash or EFT payment. Proof of payment must be provided.



Either verbal or by telephone, will be held for 3 days only. It will not be deemed binding upon the Academy until confirmed. If a completed Booking Form and Deposit/Balance is not received within 3 days the school shall reserve the right to sell the vacancy to another Student and no liability shall attach itself to the Academy whatsoever, beyond a refund.


Will be deemed firm once the Booking Form is received, completed in full and signed, with one per Student with the minimum Deposit/Balance.


The Academy will confirm the booking, by email, within 5 days of receiving the Booking Form.


A 50% deposit is required if the booking is made beyond 14 days from the date of the commencement of the course.

a) The balance of payment is due 14 days prior to the date of the course.

b) If within 14 days of the date of the course full fee is required.

c) If within 14 days prior to the course the Student has not paid the balance of the fee, on the 14th day a reminder email will be sent to the student. If 10 days from the date of the course the balance has not been received the Academy reserves the right to sell the Student’s berth, named overleaf.

d) If the Academy is successful in selling this berth and mitigating its costs the student overleaf will only forfeit the deposit.

e) If the Academy fails to sell the berth, the Student will be liable for the full fee. If the Student fails to remit the balance due, it is agreed that 2% per month can be added to the outstanding amount, on compound interest rates, from the 14th day, prior to the course until paid.


a) If you are likely to be delayed beyond the start of your course, please inform us as early as possible.

b) A student who cannot attend their course through illness or commitments

elsewhere is requested to contact the academy as soon as possible. If it is necessary to cancel the course within fourteen days of commencement of the course every possible attempt will be made to mitigate the Student’s costs, to let the berth elsewhere. If successful, the Student will only forfeit the deposit. If unsuccessful the Student will be expected to pay the full fee. Travel and cancellation insurance are strongly recommended.

c) Any Student who fails to arrive, for any reason whatsoever including illness and has not notified the Academy, will automatically forfeit the total monies paid and no liability by doing so shall attach to the Academy whatsoever.


For whatever reason beyond the date of the course. The Students can stay onboard at the company’s expense or return home if they wish at their own expense. No liability shall extend beyond this.

7 UNDER 18’S:

Under 18’s accepted when sailing with parent or guardian. All Booking Forms for under 18’s to be signed by parent or guardian, stating this fact after the signature.


We advise students to consider purchasing Stugeron (or similar

product). It is advisable to check with your G.P. that you can take these. Students with special medical problems should also check that their G.P. considers them safe to sail and advise the Academy of the condition when booking, and both the Principal and Skipper when reporting for the course. Bring any personal medication necessary.


The Principal’s decision is always final , on any of the Academy's property and the Academy's vessels, until the Skipper takes over.

a) Skipper’s Decisions: From the moment the Skipper steps onboard the

instruction vessel in accordance with marine practice, the Skipper’s decisions are final always.

b) All crew/students will accept all orders and decisions given to them by the

Skipper at all times whilst onboard the School’s vessel or ashore, for the duration of the course until the course is complete and the Skipper is no longer onboard the vessel. The Skipper’s authority is total day and night in accordance with Marine Law.

c) If for any reason whatsoever a Student does not accept an order from the

Skipper or his designated substitute, whether the Student considers it to be

reasonable or not, the Student shall be considered to be in breach of his Articles of sailing. The Skipper shall take any action or decision he considers fit for the wellbeing of the vessel and crew. If the Student is placed ashore at the nearest port no liability whatsoever shall attach itself to the Academy and neither shall the Student have redress for any expenses or unused portion of the fee. Neither any redress against the Skipper or Academy because of actions taken by the Skipper.


If, for any reason, the Academy is unable to fulfill a booking or a vessel becomes unseaworthy for any reason whatsoever, the Academy will inform the Student immediately the knowledge is available. No liability shall attach itself to the Academy beyond the refund of the full fee paid by the student(s) or unused portions thereof.


The Academy is insured for Instruction. However, Student’s needs vary. The Academy strongly advises that the Student obtain their own insurance for Sickness, Illness, Academy Fees, Illness or Accident onboard, or any other reason the Student considers prudent for his personal lifestyle or wellbeing.


The Academy shall not be responsible and/or liable for any personal The Student acknowledges that the activities he/she is about to undertake involve a certain degree of risk and although the Academy uses all reasonable measures to mitigate such risk, the Student agrees that he/she is responsible for his/her own safety. In this regard, the Student indemnifies the Academy from any claims of any sort whatsoever. Although the Academy shall endeavor to provide services of a high quality and standard, the Academy provides no guarantees concerning the success of its courses and the Student agrees that its own involvement and input shall determine the success and enjoyment of the courses.

No liability is accepted for any Student’s vehicles parked in any of the referred training academy premises, or Student’s Possessions in the vehicle, on the pontoons or in the Academy's vessels or accommodation. No liability is accepted for Students whilst on Academy grounds, in any of the School properties, on ladders, pontoons or vessels and all Students participate in any aspect of any course at their own risk.


Howsoever caused must be immediately notified to the Skipper or Principal for safety. Students shall be liable for any loss or damage to Academy equipment, vessel’s equipment, up to and including the first R1000 per item.


The Academy’s standards of instruction are high, and certificates will only be issued at the end of a course if, in the opinion of the Academy’s Instructors and Principal, the Student has reached the necessary standard. The Academy’s Principal and Instructor’s decision shall be final and accepted by all Students.


The Student shall not –

a) Use, threaten, or commit and act of violence against any other student, instructor, visitor or employee of the Academy

b) Commit any form of harassment on the grounds of race, gender, religion or disability;

c) Use, manufacture, sell or distribute or have in his/her possession any illegal drug or other prohibited substance;

d) commit any act of theft or malicious damage to the property of any other student, instructor, visitor or employee of the Academy


All Students will be expected to participate in cooking, cleaning vessel and routine maintenance as required by the Instructor. At the end of the course all Students will be expected to clean the vessel from bow to stern.


In the event of a dispute not being settled by mutual agreement, it is

agreed that an Arbitrator whose decision shall be final will be agreed upon in

accordance with South African laws. It is further agreed all agreements between customers, clients and Students and staff of Get Onboard and it’s partners Academies shall be governed by South African Law, even when the dispute occurs outside South African territorial waters.

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